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Pledge applause

November 18, 2001


First, I commend President Sue Morgan for her courage to open the meeting with the pledge. It's hard for me to believe that there would be anyone who would be offended in affirming support for our country at this time, and since the pledge is our country's official expression of that support, I also commend the board, who, I assumed by the article, agreed with her and complied.

I also think it is too bad that anyone on the board who considers himself to be religious and a patriot would take exception with repeating ALL of the pledge, including the "under God" portion. I doubt if the board makes any decisions that please everyone in the community, but hopefully makes decisions in the best interest of the community. Leadership is not about making everyone "comfortable", which of course is impossible.

The city of Lawrence, including the school district, does a good job of providing quality services for our citizens and anyone on the board who gets hung up on this or any other issue because "not everyone in the community felt comfortable" is not very realistic. Because the students repeat the pledge, the board is only setting a good example by also doing it and I applaud the board for its decision.

Don Adams,


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