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Firing football coaches destiny of Kansas ADs

November 5, 2001


Although not as inevitable as death and taxes, firing a football coach seems to be the destiny of every Kansas University athletics director.

Over the last 50 years, the only Kansas AD who did not fire a football coach was Jim Lessig and Lessig was in charge of the program for only a few months back in 1982.

Otherwise, Dutch Lonborg unloaded Chuck Mather in the 50s. Wade Stinson, who replaced Lonborg in 1964, fired Jack Mitchell after the 1966 season.

Clyde Walker, who replaced Stinson in 1973, fired Don Fambrough after the '74 season. The next Kansas AD, Bob Marcum, fired Bud Moore in 1978. Then Monte Johnson joined the parade, firing Don Fambrough for the second time after the '82 season.

Finally, Bob Frederick fired Bob Valesente following the 1987 season.

Now Bohl has joined his predecessors by firing Terry Allen.

Three Kansas University football coaches in modern times have escaped the ax Pepper Rodgers, Mike Gottfried and Glen Mason. All three left for head coaching jobs at other schools. Rodgers went to UCLA in 1971, Gottfried to Pittsburgh in 1986 and Mason to Minnesota in 1997.

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