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Shop locally

November 1, 2001


During the holidays, or any time of the year, Lawrence residents should remember that dollars spent locally benefit the city in many ways.

An advertising campaign that was launched recently is a timely reminder of the benefits of shopping locally.

Especially as we enter the holiday season, it's important to remember that dollars spent with local businesses are much more likely to remain in this community and benefit Lawrence in many ways. They produce sales tax revenue and pay salaries that may, in turn, be spent at other local businesses. They support businesses that pay those salaries, as well as paying local property taxes and supporting community events.

It's ironic that while many local shoppers travel elsewhere to find something more or something different, many shoppers come to Lawrence for the same reason. While it's true that certain merchandise may not be available in Lawrence, the list of those items certainly has diminished in recent years.

Not only do Lawrence merchants offer just about everything available at stores in other cities, local shops have a whole range of items that shoppers aren't likely to find elsewhere. People come from many larger cities to shop at some of the unique and interesting stores in Lawrence.

And besides, why add to the holiday stress by planning shopping trips that involve time and frustrating crowds and traffic? It's easier and more relaxing to shop here at home, and the dollars you spend here will support local businesses and employees.

That's a holiday gift that can continue to give all year round.

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