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May 24, 2001



Smithsonian unveils revamped Triceratops

A 65-million-year-old star is having a coming-out party following a computerized facelift. Triceratops is emerging as a brand new dinosaur at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History.

The three-horned dinosaur returns to public view today with the unveiling of a full-size cast of the 23-foot-long animal and announcement of its new nickname, "Hatcher," named after John Bell Hatcher, the scientist who found it in Wyoming nearly a century ago.

The new display shows "how really easily Triceratops could do its job. ... It just looks like a very good animal that happens to have a whopping big head," museum paleontologist Ralph Chapman said.

The museum's Triceratops may have been the first horned dinosaur to be put on display when it was opened to view in 1905, but by 1998 the bones were deteriorating.


Army base protesters jailed for trespassing

A U.S. magistrate on Wednesday sentenced peace activists to up to six months in prison for trespassing at Fort Benning last fall to demand the closing of an Army school that trains Latin American soldiers.

The 26 defendants, ranging from a 19-year-old college student to an 88-year-old Catholic nun, were among 3,400 protesters who marched into the military post Nov. 19 to protest the School of the Americas. The protesters say graduates of the school have been linked to murder, torture and other human rights abuses.

Before the protest, the 26 defendants were notified that because they participated in previous intrusions, they would be prosecuted if arrested. Officials say the school's mission is to spread democratic principles among Latin American leaders who go there to study.

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