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McLouth Honors

May 12, 2001


McLouth Middle School announces students who made honors during the third quarter. Students who made the Gold Honor Roll earned a 3.5 to 4.33 grade point average. Students listed on the Purple Honor Roll earned a 3.0 to 3.49 GPA.

Students who made honors are:

Eighth Grade

Gold Honor Roll: Ashley Alloway, Heather Alterman, Neva Gardner, Katie Harding, Bryce Hoffhines, Tiffany Kramer, Tina McCowan, Erica Meyer, Emily Nitzsche, Dylan Roberts, Crystal Snyder, Erin Watson and Hallie Watson.

Purple Honor Roll: Will Cook, Justin Drinnon, Jacob Durant, Joey Foster, Ripp Harrison, Jeffrey Holland, Michael Johnson, Michala Karn, Joey Lawson, Tom Lister, BriAnn Smith and Leigh Anna Thompson.

Seventh Grade

Gold Honor Roll: Claudia Alterman, Bree Barker, Cody Cook, Audrey Deeken, Holly Kitterman, Jessica Lynn, Devon Masqua, Kevin Stewart and Emily Stoker.

Purple Honor Roll: Nicholas Edgell, Blake Kingsolver, Jason McGhee, Devyn Roberts and Jonah Wise.

Sixth Grade

Gold Honor Roll: Sam Anderson, Andrew Booth, Amanda Cain, Kylie Campbell, Erin Heckard, Trevor Keling, Lance Lamborn, Jaclyn Lash, Brett Lundmark, Taylor Renfro and Elizabeth Turner.

Purple Honor Roll: Jason Holland, Rachael Holliger, Megan Howerton, Amanda Jantz, Spencer Lamborn, Arthur Rollins, Ryan Saxton and Rachael Thompson.

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