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March 31, 2001


During her one-week vacation with her mom, Abuyousif was selected to appear on MTV's "Spring Fling Survivors" show, which made its premiere March 23 and then aired several times last weekend.

MTV officials selected 10 women and 10 men to put a New York couple's one-year relationship to the test. Chris and Jacqui -- (the couple's last names were not released by the show and were unknown to Abuyousif) -- each picked three dates from the selection of "spring flingers," with Abuyousif making the cut.

"I was surprised," said Abuyousif, 19, from Overland Park. "I think he picked me because he wanted to date someone different -- someone who was opposite of his girlfriend."

During their hourlong date, they visited Isla Mujeres, which means "Island of Women," and did a lot of sightseeing. The island is eight miles across the Caribbean from Cancðn.

"It was really beautiful," Abuyousif said. "It was breathtaking."

And how was her dark-haired companion?

"He was a really nice guy and we talked a lot," she said. "We had a lot in common."

Chris must have liked her, too, because after his three dates, he picked Abuyousif to accompany him on his dream date.

"I was baffled," she said of his pick. "I was completely surprised."

Sealed with a kiss

During their dream date, the duo went to a seafood restaurant and ate a five-pound lobster.

"It was a total blast," she said. "We both liked seafood, and we chowed down. We were at the restaurant for a couple of hours. We did a lot of talking."

Their next stop was dancing at a nightclub, which Abuyousif described as weird because of the cameras following them around. The date ended at MTV's hotel with a kiss.

Abuyousif described the dream date as "paradise," and one that will be hard to beat.

"The weather was terrific and everything was free," she said. "It doesn't get much better than that."

After their dream dates, Chris and Jacqui met onstage along with the "spring flingers." There they learned what happened during the dates. Jacqui wasn't happy about the kiss that her boyfriend and Abuyousif shared, especially since she ended her dream date with a peck on the cheek.

"The kiss just happened to be a 'moment' kind of thing," Abuyousif explained.

Moment of truth

After viewing each other's dates, the couple then selected whom they would rather be with -- each other or their dream dates.

Jacqui put a question mark, saying she wanted to see what Chris had decided. Chris' vote was for Abuyousif.

"I was totally shocked," Abuyousif said of Chris' final selection. "I thought they would stay together. It put me in a real awkward position."

Awkward is putting it mildly, especially since Jacqui took a couple of potshots at her on national television.

"I think the girl (Jacqui) took out her feelings on Khadija," Beth Wegner, a KU junior from Lawrence who watched the show, said. "She really should have been mad at her boyfriend."

Wegner said she thought Chris was a "jerk."

"It looked like he was trying to get out of the relationship," she said.

And Abuyousif would agree. She described Chris' relationship with his girlfriend as "unhealthy" to begin with.

However, KU sophomore Justin Heller, from Chicago, said he didn't expect Chris to break up with his girlfriend. Heller said that after he watched the show, he told his friends about the Kansas University connection.

"I got everyone else watching," he said. "We thought it was cool that she was the break-up girl."

Wegner and Heller aren't the only ones with strong feelings about the show. If you click on MTV's spring break message board, opinions abound on Abuyousif's role in the couple's break up. She is described as "ugly," "hot," "nice," "Olive Oyl" and everything in-between.

But she isn't letting the attention get to her.

"It was a lot of fun and I don't regret doing it," she said.

As for her and Chris, their relationship ended with the dream date. She doesn't even remember his last name, let alone his phone number or address.

"We had no intention of keeping in touch," she said.

-- Special correspondent Karrey Britt can be reached at 832-7190.

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