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March 31, 2001


Life sentence given in teen's murder

A man convicted of rape and murder in the case of a 13-year-old boy who suffocated during sexual bondage was sentenced to the maximum Friday life in prison without parole. "Usually a murder is over in a minute. In this case, this victim was left helpless and bound," Judge David Clinger told Joshua Macabe Brown, 23. "Trying to imagine his thought process has sent shivers up my spine."

Brown was found guilty last week in the 1999 death of Jesse Dirkhising at the apartment Brown shared with his lover, Davis Don Carpenter, 39.

Outer space
Solar flares to disrupt telecommunications

Telecommunications may be disrupted briefly and the northerly night skies will shimmer red and green this weekend as intense storms rage on the sun, scientists say. The biggest sunspot cluster seen in at least 10 years has developed on the upper right quarter of the side of the sun visible from Earth, according to satellite readings. The sunspot could persist for several days.

The sunspot, which is a cooler, darker region on the sun's surface, is caused by a concentration of temporarily distorted magnetic fields. It spawns tremendous eruptions, or flares, into the sun's atmosphere, hurling clouds of electrified gas toward Earth.

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