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KU driving for new parking committee

Proposal would shift authority for regulations, fees to all-campus commission

March 31, 2001


A proposal to simplify the way parking issues are addressed at Kansas University was forwarded to school administrators after a meeting of KU faculty, staff and students.

The report lists a series of recommendations that would streamline possible ways to change parking regulations or fees, said Tom Beisecker, Senate Executive Committee chairman.

A new "parking commission," which would include representatives from throughout the university, also would play host to a series of public hearings aimed at soliciting input from those who live on campus.

"We have no reason to think they won't (accept the proposal)," Beisecker said Friday.

The proposal aims to move the direct line from KU's parking department to the chancellor's office, routing it instead through the new commission. Previous solutions for various parking issues have been derailed by various administrative offices, and this would provide a way to reach agreement before they receive approval, Beisecker said.

"Before, the mechanism was relatively cumbersome," he said.

Copies of the proposal can be obtained at the Senate Executive Committee's office in Strong Hall.

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