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March 31, 2001


Voters in area towns will select new school board members, city council members and mayors in Tuesday's general election.

There are two ballot questions in Franklin County, one that asks voters whether the county commission should appoint an administrator.

Ottawa residents also will decide whether to approve a 1/10th-cent sales tax increase for a new wastewater treatment plant and other related improvements. The money raised would be used to pay off a low-interest, 20-year loan from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for the new plant. The sales tax proposal has a sunset clause, meaning the tax ends when the city makes its last payment on the loan.

On Election Day, polling locations will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Following is a list of area races and candidates. Incumbents are denoted with an (I).:


The candidates for the two four-year city council seats are: George McCrary, Carol Taul, H. Kenneth Wagner and Lee Whaley (I). Candidates for a two-year unexpired seat are Todd Cohen and Eugene Nelson (I).

For mayor, the candidates are Slade Dillon and Ken Hayes.

The positions and candidates for school board are: Position No. 4, Lonnie Broers (I); Position No. 5, Blaine Cone and Charles "Chip" Hornberger Jr.; Position No. 6, Ed Schulte (I).


City council candidates for two open seats are Max D. Atwell, Jim Cannon, Tim Maniez (I) and Emil G. Urbanek. Candidates for mayor are David R. Anderson and Charles "Duke" Neeland.

In the school board race, the positions and candidates are: Position No. 4, Sandra L. Thierer (I); Position No. 5, Jim Thomas (I); Position No. 6, Richard J. Brazukas and James J. Plummer (I).


The candidates for the two four-year city council seats are Rex Burkhardt (I), Beverly Koerner, Doug Woods and Robin Ross. The candidates for mayor are: Ronald Conner and Fred Stewart (I).

There are three seats open on the Eudora school board. The candidates are: Carlie Abel (I), Tracy Bowling, Brenda Clark, James Harris, Marion Johnson (I) and Bob Rice (I).


In the race for two open seats on the city council, the candidates are: Nancy Howard (I), Roy Paslay (I) and Amanda Smith.

Incumbent councilman Ed Smith is the only candidate running for mayor.


Voters will elect three new city commissioners and three at-large school board members.

The city candidates are: Mike Detwiler, Deborah Henningsen, Rocky Fleer-Husted (I) and Richard Jackson (I), who also is the present mayor.

School board candidates are: Bill Allegre (I), Geoff Hanson, Jeanette Lowry (I), Caren Rugg, Marjorie Stevens and Teresia Templeton.


There are three seats up for grabs on both the city council and school board.

For city council, voters will choose among Dick Annis (I), Phil Hack (I), Kevin Kuenzi, Travis Joe Schuler and Jay Skeleton.

The positions and candidates for the Perry-Lecompton school board are: Position No. 4, Kevin Wade (I); Position No. 5, Linda Baranski (I) and Matt McPherson; Position No. 6, Kevin Kuenzi and Kevin Morgison.


Candidates for the three open seats on the city council are Jonathan Boone, Kathleen M. Graveman (I), Steve Gumm, Ray Usher (I) and Emmett Wetta.

The positions and candidates for school board are: Position No. 4, Francie R. Campbell and Darlyn Hansen; Position No. 5, Phil Weide (I); Position No. 6, Bob DeHoff (I).


The candidates for the three at-large city council seats are: Dorsey Edwards (I), Jack Ryburn, Kurt Taylor and Robert Thomas.

The positions and candidates for school board are: Position No. 4, Ron Bloss (I); Position No. 5, Robert Pearce; Position No. 6, Ardith Bell (I) and Susan Rader.

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