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March 25, 2001


His Lawrence stop occurred Saturday morning, when he addressed the Guard Enlisted Conference at the Lawrence Holidome.

"I saw people sacrifice, and they could have told me about the salary inadequacies but didn't," Moran said of his tour. "They told me they were just worried about the change in administration and what that meant to their ability to do their jobs."

Moran commented on his appreciation for the Guard's activity in the state. He said his tour made it obvious that proper resources needed to be allocated to the military.

Moran discussed concerns he had with proper distribution of the national surplus to the military. With regard to the current defense spending, he said, "You can't limp around forever; there's a consequence."

Lawrence Mayor Jim Henry also addressed the conference and expressed appreciation for the Guard's hard work in the community. He encouraged a greater awareness of military efforts and advised Lawrence residents to contact their congressional representatives to seek greater support for military spending.

"A large number of people work in the National Guard and so many people don't know why," Henry said. "It's to keep us happy and safe in our homes, and it costs money."

Moran said his tour through the Kansas National Guard facilities reaffirmed his commitment to the military.

"I look forward to seeing what the president will do with military spending, but I assure you, military spending will be more adequately addressed," Moran said.

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