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Canada honors skating

March 25, 2001


Canada Post is honoring the International Skating Union World Figure Skating Championships (Monday through March 25) with four new stamps.

The sport's Canadian roots are traced to Louis Rubenstein of Montreal, who was Canadian champion from 1883-1889.

The stamps, designed by Barbara Hodgson of Vancouver, depict figure skaters in action against a backdrop of skates. The stamps pay tribute to all four skating categories: men's, ladies, pairs and dance.

First-day covers feature the logo of Skate Canada, the largest figure skating governing body in the world.

Stamps and first-day covers are available from The National Philatelic Centre, Canada Post, 270 Riverside Drive, Suite 141, Ottowa, Canada, ON, KIA OB1. Or call (800) 565-4362.

Stamp rules change

The Postal Service is tightening its already strict rules on what can be featured on U.S. postage stamps.

An advisory committee considers thousands of stamp suggestions annually and recommends the subjects to be chosen.

Under one rule change, other than holidays and traditional themes such as the flag, no stamp can be issued if one treating the same subject has appeared in the last 50 years. The old limit had been 10 years.

A second change makes it harder for colleges and universities to be commemorated. They are already limited to stamped postal cards. The new rules says that institutions of higher learning shall only be commemorated in connection with the 200th anniversary of their founding. The old rule said they could be honored on "significant anniversaries."

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