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A fine group

March 25, 2001


To the editor:

I wanted to take just a moment to talk about an amazing group of individuals in Lawrence. This group is the Lawrence St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee. I had no idea last December when we presented the Ballard Community Center's application for funding to this group just what went into the dynamics of this organization.

Having worked in the non-profit business for the past 11-plus years, I have never encountered a group who work so hard, put so much time and attention into a project and dedicate so many hours to make something happen. I personally witnessed countless hours spent on the planning of the auction, the queen selection and application process, the fun run and dart tournament and, finally, the parade.

All of these are witnessed by many, many individuals; what you don't see is the behind the scenes work, the support of each other, the support of the queen candidates and the incredible support for the charity each year. This is all accomplished without any type of administrative or overhead costs, as all of the work is by volunteers. Throughout the 14 years the committee has been putting together this event, they have donated over $150,000 to the children of the Lawrence community. That is quite a feat for a group of volunteers.

As this year's recipient of the St. Patrick Day funds, I can honestly say that I have greatly enjoyed the past three months I have spent working with this group. Our agency and our children have been treated like royalty, and we have received so much in addition to the monetary support. Thank you does not seem like enough to say to this organization and these people. The countless hours, endless calling and all of the hard work for the children who attend the Ballard Center did not go unnoticed and are truly appreciated. We also offer a huge thank you to those people who supported the effort through their many donations to the auction, participation in the run and the dart tournament, the purchase of ads and the many other ways that people donated to this effort.

I really appreciate all that was done on our behalf and I will always be grateful for the time that I got to spend the Lawrence St. Patrick's Day parade committee. They themselves are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Dianne Ensminger,

executive director,

Ballard Community Center

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