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Small’ people speak

March 10, 2001


To the editor:

Shame on you, Bob Frederick, for the action you are taking on KU basketball tickets. We, the "small" people have supported the basketball program for over 20 years and some, like my parents, have had season tickets since 1952 and attended every game since 1940. Where were the "high price donors" when KU did not have a winning coach or team?

You are out to destroy freidnships that have been made, support for the athletic department and the enjoyment and support that we, the donors, have had for many, many years. Your lack of appreciation for the "small" ticket-holder who has supported KU's basketball team through good times and bad times will destroy the positive community support for your department. You may get your money, but you will never have the enthusiastic spirit that you have now. I have sat with the high donors and the"others" and there is no comparison.

It was very timely on your part to have the article about season tickets in the newspaper the day AFTER the last home game. This way, fans could not group together to show their opposition to such an outrageous decision on your part. It appears you have already started spending the "high" bucks for an action board and sound system among other things. Why don't you work on the football program or baseball program and leave the basketball program alone for the faithful fans to enjoy what they have had for years! Shame on you!!!

Sally Walquist,

Debby Crady,


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