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March 10, 2001


Brockovich testifies

Erin Brockovich, whose legal fight against Pacific Gas & Electric Co. was made into a movie, testified before the California Senate Health and Human Services Committee, Wednesday at the Capitol in Sacramento, Calif.

The panel considered a bill that would establish exposure levels for mold and require property sellers to disclose if a building has ever had mold problems.

Brockovich said she and her family were suffering from mold growing in their home.

Brockovich is a former Lawrence resident.

Free spirit meets magical world

Best known for his role as the husband of free spirit Jenna Elfman on ABC's "Dharma & Greg," Thomas Gibson is lured into a magical world in the miniseries "The Lost Empire," based on the Chinese legend of a Monkey King. The Hallmark Entertainment miniseries will air Sunday and Monday night on NBC.

Gibson plays Nick Orton, an American businessman and scholar who is transformed into an action hero by his love for a beautiful woman, who turns out to be the goddess of Mercy.

"The Lost Empire" also stars Bai Ling and Russell Wong.

Wise guys don't know best

Life almost imitated art for Tony Sirico of "The Sopranos."

The actor, who plays Tony Soprano's aide Paulie Walnuts on the HBO mob drama, said he was a "rough-and-tumble kid" growing up in Brooklyn, and almost became a made man in the mob himself.

"I got close to making a huge mistake," Sirico said. "I almost got too close to being one of those guys I portray."

Sirico says he grew up admiring the gangsters in the neighborhood. He was arrested 28 times and went to jail twice, serving seven years. A friend wanted to sponsor him to join the mob, but Sirico pulled out because he has a hard time with authority.

"The good thing I had going for me not being involved profoundly with wise guys was that I don't like anyone telling me what to do," he said.

Donny Osmond, game-show host

Donny Osmond has worn many hats in his career: singer, actor, TV host.

Now he's thinking about becoming a game-show host, the 43-year-old entertainer says.

"The whole genre of game shows has changed," he told reporters recently. "It's not considered tacky anymore."

He has a new CD and a special airing this month.

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