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March 10, 2001


The Lawrence 99er Duplicate Bridge Club's regular Wednesday night game was directed by Don Brennaman.

Bridge players were asked if they would like to provide assistance in running the National Bridge Tournament this month in Kansas City.

The game winners were led by Barb and Bill Hamilton, followed by Janet Williams and Jan Darting.

Martie Hartman and Bobbie Figgins tied for third place with Harriett Olson and Artie Shaw.

Dorothy Arth and Frances Vogel placed fifth.

The Lawrence Duplicate Bridge Club's regular Monday night game was attended by 11 and one-half tables of participants. The game was stratified and directed by Virginia Seaver.

The North-South winners were led by Julia Dalton and Happy Kampbell followed by James Gunn and Harry Shaffer. Cathy Blumenfeld and Mike Blumenfeld placed third followed by Larry Bodle and Kent McCullough. Virginia Seaver and Julia Brooks placed fifth. Martie Hartman and Pat Burgstahler placed in the B session.

The East-West winners were led by Paul Heitzman and Donna Johnson followed by Lois Clark and Martine Paludan. Bill Schutzel and Patt Radford placed third, followed by Shirley Reese and Betty Collier. Gladys Turner and Max Turner placed fourth. Sarah Jane Zimmerman and Julie Ward placed in the B session.

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