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Think again

March 3, 2001


To the editor:

Here we go again. KDOT Chief Counsel Mike "I'm just doing this as a private citizen, honest" Rees and his gang are up to the same old tricks (LJW article, 2/28/01). Mr. Rees wants us to "look farther down the road of what (we) will have." OK, Mr. Rees, I will.

I see a trafficway which even in its 31st-Street manifestation won't keep me from spending that extra 5 minutes on 23rd Street. I see the destruction of green, growing things as another strip mall pops up to make sure the birds and frogs around the Wakarusa River aren't being "underserved." I see new superstores springing up even farther south along Iowa, driving even more local business owners out of business. And I see Lawrence spreading uncontrollably until it merges with Topeka and Kansas City. (Think it can't happen? I once had an insurance agent tell me boyhood stories about hunting quail in what is now Olathe.)

If you think the SLT is all about making it easier to bypass 23rd Street, think again. Think about who is going to profit from a four-lane, multi-million dollar subsidy paid for with your tax dollars.

Karen Brichoux,


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