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Morale comments

March 3, 2001


To the editor:

I read the column on low morale at KU in the Saturday Feb. 14 issue. I believe some comments are in order:

1) The writer mentions KU students, faculty and alumni. Not a word about the classified staff. For a university to function well, students, faculty, staff and alumni all have to work together. The university cannot function unless its technical and office staff members are satisfied with their jobs and with their pay. Low pay of the classified staff is as important a factor in the low morale at KU, as is low pay of the majority of faculty members.

The classified staff at KU has received extremely shabby salary treatment for more than two decades. The excuse used by KU management is always that the classified staff consists of state employees and that the Board of Regents can't do anything about their salaries. The state, as represented by its legislature, seems more interested in cutting taxes than paying decent wages to its employees.

The system is full of excuses for not paying adequate salaries to classified staff members.

2) The writer also mentions the financial problems with the KU athletics department. I really get tired of hearing about that. It would be a good thing for academic excellence if the athletic department were to be closed. KU is supposed to be about academic excellence. I have been at KU for 33 years. In that time I have not seen any evidence to suggest that the athletics department contributes to academic excellence.

Jan Roskam,

Kansas University

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