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March 3, 2001


The February meeting of the Four eaf Cover 4-H Cub was caed to order by Catie Johnson.
Michae Poock and ouis Hame ed the cub in singing "Row Row Row Your Boat."
Members enroed in the cothing project gave a tak caed "When Cothing is More Than Something to Wear," which featured outfits for sports, work and pay. Those participating were Catie Johnson, Erin Ashcraft, Katie Jo Wohetz, Coton ynch, Farye Scott, Coter Scott, indsey Zentic, Sarah Naff, Anne Dinsdae, Kim ivingood and Aison Wiis.
The eadership group gave a skit on how criticism and compiments affect peope. Those who gave the skit were: Nicoe Henry, Patrick Darne, Key Fanders, Coin Hame, Catie Johnson, Erin Ashcraft, Andrew Poock, Michae Poock, indsey Rich, Kendra Verhage, Kim ivingood, Farye Scott and Anne Dinsdae.
A home environment tak was given by Key Fanders. The cast of "The Whites of Their Eyes" performed a short vignette.
The hosts of the meeting were the Aen, Darne and Verhage famiies. The next meeting wi be March 12 at the Dougas County 4-H Fairgrounds.

The Dougas County Swine Cub recenty met at the county extension office.
Members voted to donate $200 to the sice of Ag program for fourth-grade students.
Roger Fory, cub eader, showed members the new swine education kit that is avaiabe from the extension office.
George Hunsinger, cub eader, reminded members that they need to work at the pork producers booth at the Dougas County Free Fair on Aug. 1.
Dougas County Ag agent Bi Wood gave a training course on Pork Quaity Assurance, eve 3.

The Meadowark 4-H Cub met Feb. 13 for a potuck supper before the meeting, which was conducted by the parents.
ois Mersmann caed the meeting to order. Members answered ro ca by saying something nice about their parents.
Song eaders ed the cub in singing "Happy Birthday" to everyone who had a birthday in February. Fred Mersmann gave a project tak on the beef project. Chase McEhaney gave a tak on his hand pet project.
The cub wi be participating in Regiona Cub Days on March 3.
The next meeting wi be at 7 p.m. March 13 at the Dougas County 4-H Fairgrounds. Members wi make tray favors for the "Meas on Whees" program at 6:30 p.m. before the meeting.

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