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Where’s the proof?

June 28, 2001


To the editor:

In the Saturday column of June 23 the writer claims that "the anger, frustration and delays (in the South Lawrence Trafficway) have strained or damaged the relationship of many in the Lawrence community with Haskell Indian Nations University." Later in the column he says that Haskell's involvement in the public debate over the SLT has "deflected or clouded the public's attention to the academic mission and goals of the school" and that "the majority of the public believes primary opposition to the roadway emanates from Haskell students."

The writer is welcome to his personal opinions about Haskell and the SLT, but here he is making claims about public opinion. These claims are either true or false. If there is a survey that backs up these claims, he should tell us what it is. If not, he should retract them.

Judy Roitman,


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