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June 28, 2001


Boston: 1,800 tax checks missing

Tax payments from about 1,800 New England and upstate New York residents are missing, the Internal Revenue Service said.

The problem, reported by the Boston Globe, involves checks sent to an IRS post office box in Pittsburgh, which is used for estimated tax payment forms, tax filing extension forms, and 1040s that have been prepared by a commercial tax service, IRS spokeswoman Peggy Riley said Wednesday.

Payments sent to that post office box are handled by Mellon Bank, which deposits them into a U.S. government account. Last year 5.6 million payments were processed through the system.

An investigation by the Treasury Department's inspector general for tax administration continues after about 1,800 taxpayers reported their checks hadn't cleared, Riley said.

Ken Herz, spokesman for Mellon Bank, said the bank's operations were conducted under tight security.

Los Angeles: California condor chick dies

The first California condor chick to hatch in the wild in 17 years has died, the apparent victim of confusion between two mothers that had laid their eggs in the same nest.

Biologists believe the chick, which hatched Friday, died Sunday or Monday. The female bird caring for it left to feed, and when the other female arrived, she may have mistaken the chick for an intruder and killed it.

Although biologists trying to restore the endangered species were disappointed, they said the condor that was caring for the chick gained important experience about nurturing.

Scientists began reintroducing condors to the wild in 1992.

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