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Fine reaction

June 28, 2001


To the editor:

While visiting your fair city this past weekend, I couldn't help but get a chuckle at your piece in Saturday's paper about the Kansas Legislature and their tripling of speeding tickets. I find it amazing that they would encourage us to slow down and buckle up, and in the same breath hope we don't or they won't make up their revenue shortfall.

And I'm not buying House Leader Shari Weber's argument that fines aren't stiff enough. Here in Wichita there is a minimum charge of $50 to start the fine and then the extra fee over the speed limit applies from there. So her 10 mile over the speed limit is not just 10 bucks. Its $60 to start with, and court fees tacked on from there.

I have a lead foot myself, so I've always paid my tickets without looking for sympathy or relief from the courts. I've always considered it a pay-to-play kind of thing. But I do resent Ms. Weber and others pretending the hike is anything but the result of her and her cohorts in Topeka not having the guts to do the right thing and raise the sales tax, or God forbid, not having cut taxes as deep back in the cash-rich late '90s when they had the chance. The ticket policy is contradictory and asinine, I just wish our lawmakers would admit it.

Kathleen C. Butler,


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