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June 27, 2001


New York: Sweepstakes case settled

Publishers Clearing House agreed Tuesday to pay $34 million in a deal with 26 states, including Kansas, to settle allegations the sweepstakes company employed deceptive marketing practices.

As part of the settlement, the company will no longer use phrases like "guaranteed winner."

Publishers Clearing House, of Port Washington, will have to pay $34 million in customer refunds, legal expenses and administrative costs to the states. Each state's share has yet to be determined.

Washington, D.C.: House blocks NAFTA traffic

In a surprising setback for President Bush and his plans to further open trade with Mexico, the House voted Tuesday to block the Transportation Department from issuing permits that would let Mexican trucks operate throughout the United States.

By a 285-143 roll call, the House approved a provision by Rep. Martin Sabo, D-Minn., that would scuttle the administration's plans to begin allowing thousands of Mexican trucks to begin shipping goods to and from any point in the United States beginning next January. The increased truck traffic was to occur under the North American Free Trade Agreement, which was enacted in 1993.

Under NAFTA, Mexican trucks were to have full access to U.S. roads by January 2000. Citing safety concerns and under union pressure, the Clinton administration blocked that from happening.

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