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June 23, 2001


MILWAUKEE: Police standoff ends with man's suicide

A man who exchanged gunfire with police while holed up in a house for 22 hours shot himself to death Friday when officers entered the home, police said. The standoff began Thursday when officers tried to arrest Jasen Lamson, 25, on outstanding warrants that included attempted murder charges, police said. Nearby homes were evacuated as the standoff continued and police fired tear gas into the house in an unsuccessful attempt to draw out Lamson. After officers fired concussion grenades and entered the house, they heard gunshots, Police Chief Arthur Jones said. "We found the suspect had shot himself in the chest," the chief said.

ATLANTA: Flu vaccine shortage expected next season

Flu vaccines are expected to arrive late for the upcoming season, but the delay should not be as severe as last year's, federal health officials said Friday. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is asking health departments to put off their mass immunization campaigns until late October or November. They typically start in mid-October. The flu season usually peaks between January and March.

The delay is expected because the three companies that produce the vaccine have reported manufacturing problems as they try to expand, the CDC said. Last year's delay was made less serious by the lightest flu season in four years. The flu kills about 20,000 Americans annually.

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Cranberry growers seek price supports

Cranberry growers will be allowed to sell a third less fruit than normal this year in a government effort to prop up prices. The Agriculture Department on Friday ordered a sales limit of 4.6 million barrels, or 65 percent of normal, to alleviate a glut of the fruit. The industry's Cranberry Marketing Committee, which advises the department, had recommended a limit of 4.7 million barrels. Some growers wanted a much deeper cut.

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