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June 22, 2001



Witnesses to split dog death reward

Five people will split a $115,000 reward for helping to convict a man who tossed a small dog into oncoming traffic, where it was killed. Dog lovers and others had donated the reward money. Andrew Burnett was convicted Tuesday of animal cruelty for grabbing Leo, the fluffy, white bichon frise from Sara McBurnett's car and dropping the dog onto the busy highway after a Feb. 11, 2000, fender bender.

John Mora, who testified that he saw the incident, will receive $75,000, the county's Humane Society announced Thursday. Four other people, all informants in the police investigation, will receive $10,000 each.

Burnett's attorney argued during the trial that his client acted instinctively because the dog bit him.


Bridge worker rescued after scaffold collapses

A scaffold on the Ambassador Bridge between the United States and Canada collapsed Thursday morning, leaving one worker dangling from a safety harness. He was pulled back to safety by co-workers.

The worker was listed in fair condition at Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital in Windsor, Ontario, hospital spokeswoman Linda D'Aloifio said. The nature of the man's injury was not disclosed.

He and another worker were on the scaffold when it collapsed near the spire of a suspension cable, far above the road, which itself is 135 feet above the Detroit harbor. It wasn't immediately clear why the scaffold collapsed.


No Powerball winner

None of the tickets sold for the Powerball game Wednesday night matched all six numbers drawn in Des Moines. Players matching all five numbers and the Powerball would have won or shared the $10 million jackpot. The prize goes to an estimated $12 million for Saturday. Tickets that match the first five numbers but miss the Powerball win $100,000 each, and there was one of those. It was sold in Iowa.

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