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Poor placement

June 20, 2001


To the editor:

I'm sure that none of the staff or employees of the Lawrence Journal-World knew my companion and friend, Ilona Delgadillo. I contracted with the newspaper's advertising department to reserve a space, prepare and publish a simple, dignified notice of a memorial gathering of her many friends in the community.

Neither Ilona nor I have ever considered ourselves to be newsworthy or important people locally. But I felt that a special remembrance in the local paper might serve as a sort of monument to her memory as a citizen of Lawrence and part of community life and history.

I was a bit sensitive regarding placement of the "ad" before publication. It can be found on page 6A of the Saturday Journal-World, June 16. Some readers might find it difficult to locate, or be able to distinguish it from commercial ads for mattress specials or deck awnings which, apparently, in this callous, absurd, and sometimes soul-dead day and age must be considered at least as noteworthy or more so than a notice for an occasion of death and bereavement in memory of a local person.

But luckily, some things never change. For example, someone, or anyone, casually perusing the same edition of the Journal-World will certainly not be surprised to see that the two pages devoted to society news contain no commercial advertising which might distract attention and possibly be considered offensive to more socially prominent, distinguished or empowered persons in the Lawrence community.

Bill Barker,


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