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June 20, 2001


Web site celebrates McCartney

In case you missed his book of poetry, his television flashback to the '70s, his Wings greatest hits album, or his plea to rid the world of land mines, Sir Paul McCartney, who turned 59 on Monday, has launched an online retrospective about you guessed it his fabulous self,

The month-long promotion, which begins this week, consists of classic and previously unreleased audio and video clips of McCartney and his post-Beatles group, Wings. The footage will feature McCartney reminiscing about his days with the band, including how he coped with the breakup of the Beatles, his run-ins with reefer madness in Tokyo, and a debut presentation of the newly edited music video of the Wings standard, "Maybe I'm Amazed."

Duchovny can't shake aliens

David Duchovny isn't returning to "The X-Files," but he's still fighting aliens in the new sci-fi comedy "Evolution." Duchovny plays a biology teacher who battles alien spores that quickly evolve into life forms that threaten humanity. Julianne Moore and Orlando Jones co-star.

Although he's not returning to the Fox series for the show's ninth season, Duchovny tells People magazine in its June 25 issue that he would happily return for a second "X-Files" movie. "It's my feeling that you should actually give the audience a chance to miss the show and give me a chance to miss the show," the 40-year-old actor said.

When Sally met Babar

Meg Ryan is in Thailand shooting a TV documentary about the plight of the country's dwindling wild elephants, a conservationist said Tuesday. Tigress Productions, a British company, is producing the 60-minute documentary, which aims to promote elephant conservation, said Richard Lair, an adviser to the Center of Thai Elephant Conservation in Lampang, 317 miles north of Bangkok. The 39-year-old actress, star of such films as "When Harry Met Sally," was scheduled to travel to several locations in Thailand, where the elephant is the national animal but has suffered from a rapid destruction of its natural habitat in recent decades.

Protesters rub Whitney wrong

Forget prewashed jeans: Whitney Houston plans to wear presplattered mink next week in Las Vegas when she receives the lifetime achievement award from Black Entertainment Television, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. It's Whitney's answer to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the animal-rights group that warned her to forgo fur at the soiree or suffer the consequences. PETA is infamous for drenching stars sporting skins with paint.

But Houston found a way around the problem, turning the fashion tables on the protesters by getting designer Paul Chan to whip up a waist-length mink that's been sprayed with blue, pink and purple paint.

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