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June 20, 2001


Colorado: Columbine shooting evidence released

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold lie next to each other in the Columbine High School library Harris' shotgun sits beneath his boot and Klebold is found clutching a TEC-9 pistol. Gruesome details of how the killers' bodies were found on April 20, 1999, are contained in 737 pages of crime scene notes and sketches released Tuesday by Jefferson County officials.

The documents, known as "lab books," include notes taken by the first officers and investigators to arrive at Columbine the day that Harris and Klebold killed 12 students and a teacher before committing suicide.

Sketches describe the precise locations of the 10 students slain in the library. The nature of their wounds are also detailed in the lab books, which were used to create final diagrams of the crime scene at the Littleton, Colo., school. Families of victims hope the material helps answer questions about how the shooting unfolded.

Washington: $10 million fine imposed in fatal pipeline blast

A pipeline company will pay $10 million in fines for a pipe break that led to a gasoline explosion and the deaths of two boys and a teen-ager in a park. The June 1999 rupture spewed more than 200,000 gallons of gas into a creek in Bellingham, in northeast Washington, fueling a fireball that fatally burned two 10-year-olds. An 18-year-old fisherman died after he was overcome by fumes.

BP Pipelines North America reached the settlement with the state and federal governments, the Seattle Times reported Tuesday.

In July, BP took control of Olympic Pipeline Co., which owned the line. Under the settlement, Olympic, facing a federal criminal investigation and two wrongful death lawsuits, will not admit wrongdoing, the Times said.

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