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Boschee healing from thumb surgery

June 20, 2001


Jeff Boschee, who had surgery in mid April to reconstruct a ligament in his right thumb says he's "almost 100 percent."

Boschee, KU's senior shooting guard from Valley City, N.D., was supposed to be released to play in pick-up games on Friday, but admitted he already had taken to the court a few days early.

"I first hurt it (thumb) as a junior in high school," Boschee explained on Tuesday after performing some shooting drills for youths at Roy Williams' basketball camp. "We were doing defensive stations at practice. My coach said I wasn't working hard enough, so I had to go again. I got ticked off and I tried to hit the ball to make a statement.

"I actually hit my thumb. It bothered me ever since then. Every time it gets hit, it's hurt a couple of days. Like a sprained ankle, the ligament gets stretched. The more it gets hit, it gets worse and worse. The doctor said it could cause arthritis someday."

So Boschee had the surgery to have what he hopes is a pain-free senior year.

Boschee says he likes what he's seen of KU's newcomers at early summer pick-up games.

"Their basketball knowledge is that of college players," he said of point guards Aaron Miles and Jeff Hawkins, plus shooting guards Michael Lee and Keith Langford. Forward Wayne Simien hasn't been able to play in pick-up games because of his shoulder rehab.

"I was really impressed with Keith Langford. He wasn't the most heralded of the four of 'em but he has really impressed me. Michael is really strong defensively. He has a college body in terms of strength.

"Aaron seems like a good floor leader out there. He tells people what to do. I think he'll be a good player. They all seem they are ready to go."

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