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No concern

June 7, 2001


To the editor:

After reading the article about the children from East Heights being left in Kansas City, I feel I need to respond.

Yes, he's right, I'm mad, but the blame lies with the school not the bus company. Laidlaw were the only ones who showed concern or help to correct the problem.

East Heights didn't even know who Sherri Henderson was, but they entrusted Sammi and two other children that she didn't know with her. Why would she transport these two kids in a private car? They all rode up on the bus.

Yes, Sherri was late with her group as was the other little boy to arrive at the gate. That does not excuse the fact that four children were left. They surely knew whom they took to the zoo. They go to the park, have lunch, reload and go home never missing these children? When I questioned your reporter about the school's reaction, I was told the East Heights principal did not return his call.

I cannot believe that the school classes were not kept together, that roll was not taken before leaving the zoo or that the school board and employees do not feel responsible.

The bus company does not know these kids, but the teachers should and they tell the bus driver when to leave.

I am glad Sherri was there and was responsible enough to see that Sammi and the other children got home safely.

In my opinion this "oh well" attitude of Mr. Weseman's is a good example of how our school system works! As much as I hate to admit it, maybe Mrs. Loveland is right and there isn't any hope for East Heights.

Carol Henderson,


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