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What to do to receive compensation

June 6, 2001


Blockbuster is proposing that customers who paid "extended view" fees between Jan. 1, 1992, and April 1, 2001, would be eligible to receive discount certificates from the company.

Here's how it would work:

- Customers charged such fees from April 1, 1999, to April 1, 2001, automatically would receive compensation from the company.

- Customers charged fees from Jan. 1, 1992, to Dec. 31, 1998, would be asked to verify claims by filing out a form. Receipts would not be required.

- To get a settlement claim form, go to or call (800) 224-2703. Forms must be returned by Nov. 30.

- Customers would be sent coupons valued at $9 to $18. They would be valid from Jan. 15 to May 15, 2002.

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