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Old home town - 25, 40 and 100 years ago today

June 6, 2001


IN 1976

W.W. Duitsman was named new secretary of the Kansas State Board of Agriculture to succeed the retiring Roy Freeland.

Betty Jo Charlton of Lawrence, a longtime Democrat, admitted she often was mistaken as a member of the family of former Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter who was seeking the Democratic nomination for president. "It didn't bother me at first, but now I'm beginning to be a little self-conscious about it," Charlton said. "I've had people stop me in the store and ask me if I'm Jimmy Carter's sister."

IN 1961

A total of 2,172 students marched down Campanile Hill to receive diplomas, making it the third largest class in Kansas University history. In later years, commencement was moved up to mid-May as the semester schedules were adjusted.

New funds received by the Kansas University Endowment Association included gifts and investment income of $2,259,624 during the past year. That was an increase of more than a half-million dollars over the figure for the previous year.

IN 1901

On June 6, 1901, the Lawrence Journal told of the suit to remove the offices used by the weigher and measurer of the city of Lawrence and the city scales from Central [now Watson] park located near Henry [now Eighth] and Kentucky streets. An attorney S.C. Russell was leading the challenge against an 1887 city ordinance which had designated a portion of this park as a market place. The suit asked that within 20 days of the date of May 28 when the petition was filed the offices and scales be removed.

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