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Diplomatic ‘two-fer’

June 6, 2001


By appointing former Sen. Howard Baker as ambassador to Japan, President Bush will get a second able envoy.

Former Sen. Nancy Kassebaum Baker once again is representing Kansas well.

Mrs. Baker, who retired from the Senate to spend more time with her grandchildren in Kansas, soon will head to Japan where her husband, former Tennessee Sen. Howard Baker, has been appointed to serve as U.S. ambassador. It's a classic "two-fer" for America; Baker was appointed, but the U.S. gets another qualified diplomatic representative, his wife, in the bargain.

As always, Kansans are proud for one of their favorite daughters. We're still getting used to calling her Mrs. Baker, but we know that, despite the name change, she still is the same common sense, charming woman who represented Kansas so well. The intelligence and integrity with which she served in the Senate has earned her a continuing role as a national figure.

Her colleague Sen. Pat Roberts noted that her self-effacing charm and listening skills make Mrs. Baker a natural diplomat. She will be a fine emissary both for America and for Kansas.

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