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Coach support

June 6, 2001


To the editor:

I feel compelled to respond to an anonymous survey sent to current Lawrence High School softball players concerning Coach Stogsdill and the LHS softball program.

I am an LHS alumnus currently playing softball at KU and played under Coach Stogsdill for four years on the LHS varsity team and seven years on her Lawrence Strikers. I was not only taught softball skills, but most importantly to represent yourself, your coaches, your school and/or city, and your parents in a positive way with good sportsmanship and hard work. I can honestly say that I would not be playing at the level I am today if it were not for Coach Stogsdill and Coach Lauts, her assistant coach.

The unsigned survey that was sent out questioned Coach Stogsdill's ability as a coach and the dignity she brings to the softball program at LHS. It is mentioned more than once that playing softball at Lawrence High is all about winning no fun allowed. Any high school varsity sporting event is considered competitive, meaning playing those individuals that are most likely to help the team succeed. Success requires hard work, which is not always fun. The fun part comes when your hard work pays off.

I believe that for any team to achieve success they must play as a team and for the team. Nine individuals playing the game of softball will not succeed unless they make sacrifices for one another. Any person that plays only for herself is selfish and only hurts the team. The survey states, "Some of the girls that go out for softball, go out for one reason and one reason only, college scholarship!" Many girls that play softball want to receive a scholarship for college, but this should not be the only reason they play. Good teammates and good softball players want success not only for themselves but also for their team.

If someone felt so strongly about these issues I think they should have gone to the coaches to talk about their concerns. And I also think that they could have at least spelled coach Stogsdill's name correctly (spelled Stogsdale throughout the entire survey) and perhaps they could have signed it too. However, I am proud to let people know how I feel about these two coaches and the program at LHS.

Dani May,


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