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June 5, 2001


Historian to present program on expedition

Steve Allie, director of the Frontier Army Museum at Fort Leavenworth, will present a program tonight in Atchison on the uniforms and equipment used during the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Allie is a member of the Frontier Army Living History Assn., a group of re-enactors who portray the soldiers of the expedition.

Association members will be dressed and equipped as the expedition members appeared June-July 1804, when they passed through what is now Kansas.

The program will be at 7 p.m. today at the Santa Fe Depot, 200 S. 10th St., Atchison. It is presented in conjunction with the 2001 Kansas Archeology Training Program Field School, which is taking place through June 17.

For more information, contact Chris Taylor at the Atchison County Historical Society at (913) 367-6238 or e-mail

Wildlife area panel votes to ban horse riders

A meeting Monday night between horse riders and the advisory committee for Clinton Lake Wildlife Areas resulted in a vote against allowing horses in wildlife areas.

"The horsemen were outraged," said Marybelle Cooper, a representative of the horse riders.

Cooper said about 50 people attended the meeting at the Kanwaka Grange Hall.

The meeting, moderated by State Rep. Tom Sloan, R-Lawrence, began with the expansion of the advisory committee to include a representative of the horse riders. Cooper was chosen as the new representative.

The newly expanded committee then considered several options for the trials, but banning horse riders won by a close vote, Cooper said. The vote is an advisory recommendation, and the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks is still taking public input.

Archeologists to perform survey in Atchison

Avocational archeologists from the Kansas Anthropological Assn. will join professional archeologists from the Kansas State Historical Society in Atchison to perform a survey for artifacts during the annual Kansas Archeology Training Program Field School today through June 17.

The archeologists will search for previously unrecorded sites and further document known sites in the Independence Creek Valley where the Lewis and Clark expedition noted an abandoned Kansa Indian village in 1804.

KSHS personnel will participate in Collectors Night from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday, where individuals can bring artifacts for identification and for advice on proper care and storage.

For more information, contact the public archeologist at (785) 272-8681, ext. 255, or e-mail

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