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July 29, 2001


Rodman isn't paying

Former NBA player Dennis Rodman is refusing to pay an arbitrator's $225,000 award to an actress-model who claims he raped her.

"We've demanded a trial," Rodman's attorney Christopher Branch said. "The arbitrator's award was excessive and does not reflect the evidence."

Tina New sued Rodman for $10 million last August.

According to New's lawsuit, after she left the bar someone kidnapped her and took her to Rodman's Newport Beach home, where she was forced to drink an unknown liquid that caused her to fall asleep. She claims that when she awoke, Rodman ripped off her clothing and raped her.

Rodman, 40, has denied the charges.

"West Wing" cast gets raise

Four Emmy-nominated members of "The West Wing" cast have settled salary disputes that had them threatening a walkout on the White House drama.

Allison Janney, Richard Schiff, Bradley Whitford and John Spencer agreed to stay with the series through the 2005 season after the studio more than doubled their paychecks, The Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety reported Friday.

Each will earn about $70,000 per episode this season, up from approximately $30,000, according to Variety.

The contract dispute first drew attention two weeks ago when actors failed to attend the first table read for the upcoming season. Co-stars Martin Sheen and Rob Lowe did show up for work.

Duvall cast as Robert E. Lee

Robert Duvall has agreed to play Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in a prequel to the Civil War drama "Gettysburg."

Duvall will join Jeff Daniels, C. Thomas Howell and Tom Berenger in "Gods and Generals," according to The Hollywood Reporter on Friday.

The three actors are reprising their roles from "Gettysburg," which starred Martin Sheen as Lee.

No teens for Janeane

Janeane Garofalo said she would have made a great camp counselor as long as she didn't have to work with teen-agers.

The actress and comedian plays the uptight camp director in "Wet Hot American Summer," a spoof of early '80s sex comedies.

"After a while, the conversation tends to grate on me know what I mean? Like, I'm not as tolerant as I should be of teen-age sensibilities," she said. "But I am good with little kids."

Unlike the characters in the movie, who constantly sneak in and out of one another's cabins, Garofalo said she never had a fling at summer camp, either.

"Wet Hot American Summer," co-starring David Hyde Pierce and Paul Rudd, opened nationwide Friday.

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