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Business briefcase for front

July 29, 2001


for employees, expert says

Common courtesy around the office seems to have gone the way of the three-martini lunch, according to a new survey.

Nearly half of 525 professionals recently polled by OfficeTeam, a Menlo Park, Calif.-based staffing service, said good manners at the office have declined during the past five years.

Despite the hectic pace at which most business is conducted these days, employees just might benefit from taking some time to regularly display their social graces. Saying a few pleases and thank yous, even in brief e-mail messages, can go a long way.

"Time spent showing consideration for others is a smart career investment," said Liz Hubler, executive director of Office Team. "People have long memories when it comes to how you treat them. The courtesy you extend will be noticed and reciprocated."


Network advises workers

to ease into new fields

Undaunted by an uncertain job market, many Americans are plunging into new careers at a record clip.

The Five O'Clock Club, a New York-based career counseling network, says the average worker has had the same job for only four years. In addition, Americans typically change careers -- not just jobs -- five times in their lives.

The organization suggests that career changers decide what they enjoy doing and do well and zero in on the industries that appeal to them. It also recommends selecting growing sectors, meeting with people in your target field and becoming as knowledgeable as possible about it.

Another hint is throwing some common words used in the new industry on your resume and considering making a half-step into a field you envision yourself in. For example, if you're a tax accountant who wants to get into Internet sales, take a job as a tax accountant at an Internet company, then move to sales.


Name that company

My CEO is a Fireman, and I'm named after a South African antelope. Based in Massachusetts, I rake in nearly $3 billion per year in revenues. Allen Iverson is helping me urge consumers to defy convention. Venus Williams has had a relationship with me since she was 11. I've recently signed a deal to exclusively supply, market and sell NFL licensed apparel for all 32 teams for 10 years. I've also rolled out a new beverage called Fitness Water and have launched several Sports Clubs around the world. Three of my specialty brands include Rockport, Ralph Lauren and Greg Norman. Who am I?

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