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Packer denied apartment

July 24, 2001


— Being a member of the Green Bay Packers would normally get you first-class treatment in Wisconsin. In Edwin Kehl's case, his status as a Packer got him turned away from renting an apartment.

Kehl, a guard on the practice team, was ready to sign the lease agreement at Nicolet Gardens, but the apartment manager told him the building owner, Hillcrest Properties, LTD, had rejected his application.

"She said I can't rent to you because you're a Packer," Kehl said.

The problem according to Kehl, was that Hillcrest had previous experience renting to a player who trashed the apartment. Kehl was told he needed to have someone from the team co-sign the rental agreement.

"I said you're discriminating against me. What if I worked at ShopKo or 7-Eleven? You going to make my manager sign a guarantee?" Kehl said.

Nicolet Gardens and Hillcrest Properties said that it developed a formal rental policy for Packer players many years ago.

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