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No more donations

July 24, 2001


To the editor:

Listen to this! I will not now donate money to any charity. I made the mistake of answering an e-mail request to respond to a legislator on a national issue. I made the mistake of donating to a couple of nationally known charities. NEVER MORE. Why should I be angry? Apparently they have, each and every one of them, circulated my name on their mailing lists.

All of their appeals for money must be written by the same "out-sourced" service. They all say nearly the same thing, their "gifts" are the same, etc. This month I have received six different, but very similar 2002 calendars on very expensive glossy paper from Wildlife of the World, Easter Seals, National Parks Conservation Assn., Environmental Defense, National Wildlife Federation, Defenders of Wildlife. Two years ago I was only on one list. Now I receive free "cute" picture stickers, return address stickers, greeting cards and note cards with stickers. I have enough for the rest of my life.

Thanks a whole bunch but I do not donate to a "cause" because I want cheap "gifts," nor do I appreciate my generosity, such as it is, being spent on junk mail. Mail that I simply have to recycle. NO MORE.

Jean A. Dill,


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