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Lawrence residents ready for relief from summer swelter

Cold front hitting state later this week should bring cooler temperatures, meteorologists say

July 24, 2001


Temperatures will dip into the 80s this week, bringing welcome relief from the triple-digit heat indexes of the past few days.

Ryan Kinser, a KU junior who lives in a house without central air conditioning in the 1000 block of Maine Street, said he does his best to stay cool with fans and frequent fountain drink refills at convenience stores.

"I try to stay at work as long as I can because there's air conditioning there," Kinser said. "I sit out on the porch a lot, but it's not much better."

Kinser said he didn't buy a window air conditioner because his landlord plans to install central air by next summer.

Although some of his roommates have window units, Kinser estimated about one half of his friends were also without air conditioning.

"I usually just tough it out and sit in my room," he said.

Predicted cooler temperatures should offer some relief.

Today should be in the low 90s with a chance for rain, said Chad Pettera, a meteorologist with Wichita-based Weather Data Inc. Temperatures Wednesday and Thursday should drop to the mid-80s.

"We have a cold front that's sitting across Nebraska right now," Pettera said Monday afternoon. "Every night and early morning, it just slowly sinks south. It should clear most of Kansas by Wednesday."

With the cold front comes a chance of thunderstorms and a break from temperatures that have been about 10 degrees above normal for Lawrence, Pettera said. Monday's high was 94 with a heat index of 111.

By the weekend, temperatures should start climbing again.

Steve Kays, a meteorologist with the Topeka National Weather Service, said precipitation totals for the summer were below average. In Topeka, rainfall is 2 inches below normal for July and 1 inch below normal since June 1.

But precipitation since the beginning of the year is 2.8 inches above normal, Kays said.

"We're still in the midst of summer, so any of these cool downs are a bonus," he said.

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