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KU neighbor

July 24, 2001


To the editor:

The most recent articles about the university acquiring property east of campus have been quite amusing to me and my neighbor. You see we both live in the Oread Neighborhood (the boundaries are really quite extended for a neighborhood to say the least). However, my neighbor and I are definitely within the confines of the area in question.

My neighbor, a widow of a KU professor, resides at 14th and Louisiana, and I in the 1200 block. We both are less than 100 feet from any of the properties that were purchased. What is amusing? Well, this talk about the neighbors is rather shallow. Let me put it another way. The parties quoted in the paper live almost a quarter of a mile away from the KU acquisitions. They won't be living beside the buildings or even drive by them to go home.

Now unless there is a different definition of neighbor for Oread, my neighbor and I have concluded that these anti-KU folks have stretched the definition. In fact, we who are the only two owners living within two square city blocks next to the campus, are convinced that the facts are distorted.

Basically, we offer this advice to them remember what the good Lord said about fibbing!

You see, the neighbors behind the proposed halls are residents of the existing scholarship halls and my neighbor. A tidbit about my neighbor, she has lived in her home for 57 years and watched the disrepair of the questioned structures. They have been an eyesore for her as the immediate neighbor and she welcomes the new halls.

In my block the neighbors are students as has been the case for the 29 years that I have lived here. Across from me is the Adams Center and water reservoirs. And only 150 feet to the north of me is a parking lot, which for decades was a university building. So you see, the presence of the university has not changed and this recent development is quite minor.

Whatever the intentions, without doubt, there is gross distortion in the news articles reporting about the neighbors and their concern.

David Holroyd,


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