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Ethical research

July 24, 2001


We are each a part of the bigger picture. We may not be able to see the entire picture all of the time, but it exists. Some mysteries of life we may not fully understand but should still hold sacred.

Who are we to determine when life begins? If you have to try to convince yourself that something is OK, it's a good indicator that it's NOT -- like when people start splitting hairs to justify their beliefs, for instance, the ethical questions regarding stem cell research.

I support ETHICAL research for finding cures for disease. And I know about watching a loved one suffer. My husband died young after a long battle with cancer.

He spent the last months of his life in a hospice facility in Topeka, but determined to attend our son's soccer games in Lawrence. Quite an effort, but he attended three matches in a wheelchair. No two people were more proud of each other those three Saturday mornings than my husband and 5-year-old son.

Other parents in attendance will hopefully always think twice before complaining about getting up for their child's early morning soccer match. My husband's bravery in the face of suffering taught us much and effectively put life into perspective for so many of us who had the agony and the HONOR of witnessing his battle.

By embracing life and our loved ones in all aspects and by honoring life from conception, we put suffering and death into perspective -- as part of the cycle of life. Because facing death is a bit easier when done with a clear conscience.

Pursue avenues to lessen pain and suffering. Don't lose focus and let fear tempt us to take an easy route that compromises life itself.

Toni Brou,


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