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Lawrence artist captures city’s buildings, textures

July 22, 2001


A Lawrence artist has captured images of roof peaks, house eaves and stairwells from downtown and old neighborhoods on film.

The photographs in the exhibit "Architectural Details" are on display at the Douglas County Courthouse, 1100 Mass.

Last week, photographer Jim Nedresky set up the exhibit, which he has been working on in his spare time for a couple years.

"I wanted to do a project about where I am, and what I saw made the town different to a newcomer," he said.

Since Nedresky moved here seven years ago, he always noticed that the community strives to preserve Lawrence's old buildings, but, he said, new construction also makes up a big part of the city's landscape.

"It's a good mix of new and old architecture," he said. "Lawrence has some beautiful architecture from a lot of eras."

The black-and-white photos portray Lawrence's landmark architecture, such as the arches over the doorway and the clock tower at the courthouse, the columns at the Masonic Temple, 1001 Mass., and the not-so-common window grating above Watkins Community Museum of History, 1047 Mass. Other photos depict modern construction, such as the rooftop of a house designed by Dan Rockhill, Kansas University professor of architecture, and a row of archways south of Wakarusa Drive and 15th Street.

Nedresky, who normally photographs landscapes, said he tried capturing details in the photos.

"You don't really walk up to a building and look at it because you've got things to do or because you've just become used to it," he said. "Part of this is about how we miss things that are right under our nose."

The exhibit will be at the courthouse for the next few months. Nedresky said he hopes to set up the exhibit at other public venues and include different photos.

"This was the kind of project I didn't have to budget my time for, and it doesn't ever have to be done," he said. "It can drive off on a curve or keep going where it is."

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