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Don’t take vacation from safety

July 22, 2001


The summer months often mean a much-anticipated vacation, and American Express is offering some travel-safety tips to keep the trip hassle-free.

Don't overpack. Leave department store credit cards, jewelry, unneeded keys and other valuables behind

Give copies of your passport, airline tickets, credit cards and traveler's check numbers to someone at home, and pack another set in your luggage.

Carry only as much cash as you need, and leave extra cash, car and house keys and one form of identification in the hotel safe.

Put wallets in front pockets or keep pockets securely fastened with a pin or Velcro if necessary.

Be aware of your surroundings. Criminals prey on inattentive travelers, and they often work in pairs.

Avoid ATMs that are not well-lit and secure.

Keep your cash out of sight so as not to tempt muggers.

High-risk areas for theft include airports, train stations, busy streets or wherever there are a lot of people.

Don't hang a sign on your hotel-room door requesting a cleaning service, because that advertises that the room is empty.

Pack emergency information, including a card with medical information, as well as extra prescriptions and extra eyeglasses.

If you are robbed, contact police immediately and be sure to get a copy of the police report for insurance verification.

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