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Second septuplet taken off ventilator

July 15, 2001


— A second baby among the nation's latest septuplets was taken off a ventilator Saturday, with medical teams continuing to keep them all under a close watch in the neonatal intensive care unit.

The two still had the help of tubing and equipment that applies controlled air pressure to their airways to prevent against sleep apnea, or the loss of breathing during sleep.

The other five remained on ventilators to help them breathe, hospital officials said Saturday.

Georgetown University Hospital in Washington has received $4,500 in donations from across the nation on behalf of the babies since their birth was announced Friday, along with other gifts such as car seats, baby clothes, toys and diapers.

The mother of the seven babies each weighing just a couple of pounds has asked hospital officials to keep her name a secret. She was reported in good condition Saturday.

After giving birth, "she was crying and holding the pictures and very, very happy," said nurse Dana Adamson, a member of the large medical team that helped deliver the five boys and two girls known to the world only as Baby A to Baby G.

The mother had received fertility treatments to increase ovulation, a common practice for women who have difficulty conceiving.

Born by Caesarean section Thursday night within a three-minute period and hurried to incubators, the seven newborns were expected to remain hospitalized for weeks with specialists assigned to each infant.

"None of the problems for which we had prepared occurred," said Dr. Craig Winkel, chairman of Georgetown's obstetrics and gynecology department. But he cautioned that "while mom is doing great, I'm not sure we can say we're out of the woods yet completely with the babies."

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