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Enough ‘nationals’

July 15, 2001


To the editor:

The Ellebrachts, in their letter to the editor on July 12, put their finger exactly on the crux of the problem in Lawrence. "Lawrence doesn't even have a mall!" Lawrence has relatively few "nationals."

Lawrence has a "nice" downtown. It's no accident that Lawrence doesn't look like Topeka, Johnson County, or other cities of similar size. People in Lawrence fought long and hard so that large companies would not come, dictate terms to our city, and make it look like every other suburbia in the U.S.

Mall developers tried for many years to wreck downtown. Fortunately they decided to give up and build malls somewhere else. Downtown and other locally owned businesses have benefited.

I don't want more large, ugly boxes designed at some "national" headquarters springing up on the outskirts of town. The nationals that have come to the downtown area had to adapt their look to our city, not the other way around. I don't want to live in "national" central. I feel fortunate to have so many good local restaurants and businesses to choose from.

Catherine Shenoy,


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