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July 12, 2001


Turkey: Falling cow injures coffee house patron

Ethem Sahin thought his friends were kidding when they told him how he ended up in the hospital.

But they witnessed the cow falling through the roof of the coffee house where they were playing dominoes and knocking Sahin unconscious.

"My friends told me later what happened. I couldn't believe it," Sahin told the Anatolia news agency.

Sahin's wife, Rahime, was equally incredulous.

"They told me that a cow fell on top of my husband," she said. "I thought they were kidding me. May God protect us from a worse accident."

Sahin was treated in the hospital for a broken leg and needed seven stitches to his forehead after the freak accident Tuesday

The cow wandered onto the roof of the coffee house, which was built into the side of the hill, in the central Anatolian city of Nevsehir.

The cow was not seriously injured.

Egypt: Student drowns himself after kiss rebuffed

A 16-year-old was so heartbroken when his girlfriend refused to kiss him that he jumped into the Nile and drowned, police said Wednesday.

Saber Ahmed Darwish was on a date with his girlfriend Tuesday at a riverside club in the Nile Delta town of Benha when he asked her for a kiss, the officers said.

The girl, also in her mid-teens, apparently replied she would not kiss him until he proposed marriage.

Darwish threatened to jump into the river if she didn't kiss him, but she did not take him seriously. Darwish then threw himself in the Nile and drowned, leaving her screaming in shock, police said. The girl was not identified.

London: Michelangelo drawing sells for $8.4 million

A drawing by Michelangelo that had been in private collection sold for nearly $8.4 million Wednesday to a British art dealer, Sotheby's said.

The drawing, a study of a mourning woman, was discovered by Sotheby's expert Julien Stock in the library of Castle Howard in northern England. It apparently had been in the collection for 250 years without the name of the artist being known.

Jean-Luc Baroni, manager of the Colnaghi gallery in London, said he hoped to sell the drawing, but does not have a specific client in mind.

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