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Nationals’ needed

July 12, 2001


To the editor:

The past couple of days the articles pertaining to the growth of Lawrence businesses have their "pros" and "cons." Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods, who are resisting new "nationwide" businesses to enter Lawrence, does not reflect the views of the people of Lawrence. The business projects are trying to compromise and work with the Lawrence community, as stated in the articles, and they are running into opposition.

We came from a city of comparable size and had everything Lawrence has and a whole lot more. There was even a junior college and now a four-year college, not as strong as KU but in the future will be. If anything, these businesses would be a plus to Lawrence because we would have them in our city and not have to put our money outside of Lawrence, i.e., Topeka and the Kansas City area.

To people moving into Lawrence from places that have the "nationwide" retail stores, Lawrence can be disappointing because you move from a city that has everything at your fingertips to Lawrence that is a large college town, and there is not even a mall!

Yes, downtown is nice, but it is established and people know about it, and if other large retail stores come to Lawrence, that could only help Lawrence in being a drawing card to those who live here, plan to move here or enjoy visiting, knowing there is more of a variety. To a point, Lawrence has a lot to offer but we were so used to so many "nationwide" stores where we moved from, that we go to Topeka and Kansas City area to shop because unfortunately, Lawrence does not have it.

The people of Lawrence have a nice city and it is a good place to live, but it would be even better to have a few more known stores/restaurants here so you don't have to plan to go somewhere else to shop or eat because you are bored with what is here.

Rex and Debbie Ellebracht,


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