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7-12 Student Poems/Xin

July 12, 2001


A clandestine serpent, seething to strike,

Twisting the most delectable dream

Into a nefarious nightmare.

However, they see only

What they desire to see.

They see only the ostensible light.

They applaud my apparent benevolence

And eulogize my illusory magnanimity,

But they do not perceive the latent unrest,

Spreading like an intractable disease.

Stop! Take heed,

A premonition to all:

Beware the Gilded One.

The heart that emits the brightest light

Harbors the most enormous dark of all.

Within me lurks the darkness.

-- by Melisa Xin, inspired by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot's "Lady in Blue"

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