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7-12 Student Poems/Perdue

July 12, 2001


Casts away

Your terrible, beautiful, flaming blue.

Shattered light

Seeps into the veil,

And I choke in its smoke.

Blue heat evaporates my wet chill,

Coming " going " mistaken.

They told me my eyes

Were honey-amber-golden-brown.

They said my heart was Sylver.

They sang to me

Songs of Mercurie.

Somehow, I thought

This knife would love me.

I'm standing inside you,

Playing with shadows and light,

Under a quiet ocean

That ruptured

And spilled across the floor.

I'm looking at your blue,

Staring at your blue,

Gasping for your blue,

And I understand,

The solidity of fog.

-- by Andrea Perdue, inspired by Luigi Russolo's "The Solidity of Fog"

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