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7-12 Student Poems/Mosher

July 12, 2001


Which cascades solemnly down,

Underneath my pale, sullen face.

I spin my strands, golden, of hair,

And gather them aimlessly

Beneath my undulating feet.

Winds wisp away my body,

And I disappear,

My soul aphonic,

My words indiscernible,

And my eyes furtive.

I realize what I am:

Only pieces of you,

Fractions of all that I apprehend with fear.

I am my own worst enemy,

A prowling panther

Seizing my ravaged heart

Recklessly in his teeth

With every intent to destroy my beauty,

To destroy my ignorance,

To destroy my hope.

I lie, focused on myself,

Realizing manifest truths

Beyond these rose-colored glasses,

Beyond the obvious.

Knowing I will not change,

A teardrop falls in shame.

As a sacrifice,

I unveil my melancholy grin,

I wilt,

And I die.

-- by Suzy Mosher, inspired by George Fredrick Watts' "Hope"

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